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Who is Alice Ntobedzi?

I am the Founder and Director of Personal Success and Development. I am a Love Coach and a Clinical Psychologist.

I assist individuals to find answers and solutions to their life obstacles and relationship struggles. I have experimented with a wide range of transformational techniques and studied relationship success principles.

Using clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience principles and techniques, you can modify your past traumatic memories, balance your relationship perceptions and rewire your brain for a more secure attachment style.

I help individuals that are...

  • Dealing with a break-up.

  • Getting ready to find love.

  • Wanting to improve a current relationship.

I empower my clients to be the best versions of themselves, 

break through their limiting beliefs and achieve their relationship goals.

Alice her work featured on:

Over 17 Years’ Experience As A Psychologist: 

I have worked in clinical settings including public mental health services in Australia, in my private practice, as a mental health specialist for an employment service and as a supervisor for psychologist interns.

Workshops & Presentations:

I am an experienced facilitator having presented in clinical and community settings on a variety of mental health topics and provided group interventions.

I published an article based on my master’s thesis titled: Emotional intelligence, coping and psychological distress: a partial least squares approach to developing a predictive model. My article has been downloaded over a 1000+ and cited in other research studies.

Research & Publications:

My honours thesis focused on the attachment theory, it was titled: Big 5 personality dimensions and emotional intelligence of mothers as predictors of the quality of their relationship with their adult children.

Award Winner:

Africa Media Australia (AMA): Afroshine Australia Awards 2018 – Professional Excellence (Healthcare/Psychologist)

In my Relationship and Love coaching, attachment theory and the role of schemas (mental concepts regarding yourself and your relationships with others) provide a strong foundation for understanding why people may experience relationship challenges.

On another level, I help my clients re-visit their past for lessons they need on their spiritual journey and life purpose. Thus, guiding them to see that experiences in our lives can be viewed in two ways, as a curse or blessing (fuel), and the choice is ours.

Turning My Past Into Fuel

My life experiences have sparked my desire for self-growth. I look back at my life growing up and realise that I there were things that happened that I could not control. I am the eldest of 3, and that meant having to take on responsibilities early on in my life. I also did not have positive role models for romantic relationships.

Living Life on Purpose

I came face to face with my past life experiences in a book, I co-authored, Elevate Your Life.

I also share an inspirational piece about Purposeful Living in a co-authored book, The Book of Inspiration for Women By Women.

This is how I turned my experiences into fuel.

Alice says “personal success results through self-leadership, by way of influencing one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to inspire creativity and self-growth.”

Using transformational questions, Alice helps her clients to discover their best answers, increase awareness and self-knowledge, identify their motivators, constraints, barriers, expand perception, and embrace a growth mindset.

Our Purpose - Vision and Mission

Our purpose is to help you reach personal success by thinking and living creatively.

Our vision is to inspire one million people all around the world to align with authentic versions of themselves, be a success, and associate with a community of other like-minded individuals.

Our Values

Personal Success

Personal leadership is the foundation for personal success. You will identify your heart centered goals. We are here to facilitate your journey and to guide you along the way towards achieving. You will be challenged to overcome any perceived limitations so to increase your chance of success.

Lead By Example

We believe in practicing what we teach. So we learn and apply what we teach in our lives. We resonate with Katherine Centre’s words that, as a leader “You have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs.”

Self Growth

We believe that understanding yourself is an important part of personal growth. This, in turn, allows you to engage with the world around you from a place of worthiness, as you embrace who you are, and align with your personal values.

Wisdom Within

We believe that every individual has the capacity within to see life with a great deal of understanding. Through guidance, one can trust and access own wisdom.

Creative Living

We believe in thinking outside the box and putting our ideas into action. It is our creative thinking and creative doing which brings success and achievement. We also advocate for having total fun along the way.